In 2017, I began the project “Art for Charity” as an initiative to give back to a cause that is close to my heart. I worked with The Brussels Rescue Auction and Wag n’ Train Terrier Rescue in Missouri,  for whom I provided custom paintings for auction. Proceeds from these sales were used to save dogs from puppy mills and help with the high cost of medical bills.


The project took a back seat while I was working on my first solo art show, see my website:, and as I was preparing for an international move from Montreal, Canada to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. My new paradise welcomed me and my art with open arms and the community made me feel right at home. Life has been good but now the high season has been cut short due to the pandemic.


The entire world has been taken by surprise, but locals here in Mexico are hit especially hard. Most have lost their jobs and have no savings; many are already without food. This has motivated me to change the focus of my charity to lend aid to my community.


I am now offering custom animal paintings with 50% of the income going to Vallarta Food Bank. If you decide to give more than the original price, the extra will go entirely to Vallarta Food Bank.


I use acrylic paint on wood board, and it is available in two basic sizes:  8”x10” (for $1600 pesos) and 11” x 16” for ($2400 pesos). All I require is a clear photograph of your pet and we can discuss background colors to suit your décor. Bigger sizes or paintings on canvas are also possible, along with any type of animal. Tell me what you have in mind and let’s create together!


Please Note:

-Pieces are typically ready in 8 to 10 days, depending on the success of this project and the availability of material due to store closures.

-I charge a small extra if you want to include many pets on the same canvas.

-I can ship anywhere through DHL or I can keep the pieces here until your next visit to Vallarta.

-I ask for the full amount upfront, half (or more) sent directly to the Vallarta Food Bank Go Fund Me page and the other half paid directly to me since I also lost all my income. Cash is better but Paypal and Canadian E-Transfer are also accepted with a small extra to cover for withdrawal and exchange fees.


Please let me know if you have any questions, and let's keep Vallarta healthy and ready for your next visit!